Monday, June 18, 2007

Marriage Bill Passes Judiciary Committee

The NYS Assembly Judiciary Committee advanced the marriage bill by a party line vote of 16-5.

Democrats voting for:

Helene Weinstein (Chair)
Jonathan Bing
Adam Bradley
Jeffrey Dinowitz
Michael Gianaris
Janele Hyer-Spencer
Hakeem Jeffries
Susan John
Rory Lancman
Charles Lavine
Daniel O'Donnell
Peter Rivera
Matthew Titone
Michele Titus
Mark Weprin
Kenneth Zebrowski

Republicans voting against:

Tom Alfano
William Barclay
Tom McKevitt
Thomas O'Mara
Jack Quinn

The committee met and voted in a packed room of journalists, supporters and opponents of the bill, as well as other Assemblymembers interested in the outcome.

Next stop is the Sheldon Silver's Rules Committee.

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Ron Buckmire said...

Is it expected to pass both the Rules Committee and the Assembly?