Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Morning Sweep

Gay residents of St. Lawrence County in upstate New York voiced their anger at a County Legislature meeting last night because of the County's decision to remove posters advertising an upcoming LGBT film festival.

In an editorial, the Buffalo News advises caution in the current controversy over the selection of the city's Human Rights Commissioner, saying that if the nominee has even the slightest history of bigotry, he should be immediately dismissed as a candidate. The paper also states that judgement should be based on hard facts, not allegations.

The Advocate's Kerry Eleveld provides the most comprehensive view of how LGBT voters are having an impact on today's primary elections in Texas and Ohio.

Empty Closet Editor Susan Jordan editorializes about the obvious bigotry in Monroe County Executive Maggie Brook's decision to appeal a unanimous appellate court decision to grant full marriage equality to same-sex couples who were legally wed out of state.

California's Supreme Court will hear arguments on the question of same-sex marriage today and Good As You provides info on how you can listen live to the proceedings.

Nadine Smith, Exec. Director of Equality Florida, posts on the Daily Voice about the recent killing of a transgender 17-year old in Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale).

Homophobia in professional soccer will be addressed during the massively popular Euro 2008 championship tournament.

Paris' openly gay and highly popular mayor might be the Socialist Party's candidate in France's next presidential election (which isn't for a few years anyway).

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