Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning Sweep

A task force of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has recommended that the denomination consider allowing openly gay people to serve as clergy, but that churches not be required to do so.

The New York Times writes on “Rent: the High School Edition” being banned from some schools, and argues that the musical is a sort of cultural litmus test for changing attitudes about LGBT issues and sex education across the country. We guess “Spring Awakening: High School Edition” is out of the question, then?

LGBT legislation update: Wisconsin’s governor has proposed a domestic partnership plan that would grant many of the same legal protections as straight couples; an Idaho Senator is proposing a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity; and the West Virginia legislature isn’t biting on legislation proposed by anti-gay activists to amend the state's constitution to further ban marriage for gay couples.

At a recent U.N. conference, the U.S. reversed its Bush-administration position opposing a statement calling for the universal decriminalization of being gay.

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