Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning Sweep Update

Lately, by the time we’ve gotten a chance to do them, our Morning Sweeps have been conducted closer to midnight—so here’s a roundup of what we’ve missed since last week in both the New York and national news.

New York:

Our second marriage ad featuring Karen Schuster, a mother from Rochester, and her gay son, Luke, has been seen by thousands of New Yorkers and received coverage in blogs and news stories throughout the state and nationally. The ad’s release came just days before The National Organization for Marriage releasing a misleading TV ad in New York markets last week, and the Pride Agenda responded by pointing out the fear-mongering tactics. A sampling of stories on both ads can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Celebrities including Maya Angelou, Cynthia Nixon and Paul Tagliabue (the former commissioner of the NFL) have been lobbying NY Senators for marriage equality.

CNN broadcast news covers the fight for marriage equality in New York, including footage of the lobbying efforts of NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn and phonebanking at the Pride Agenda NYC office.

Christine Quinn also wrote in Gay City News on her experiences lobbying in Albany.

The Daily Politics writes on the latest efforts by NY rights groups to win marriage in the Senate.

The Buffalo News highlights local couples in the fight for marriage equality.

Gay City and NY1 were among many news outlets that covered last Tuesday’s rally against Prop. 8 in Union Square.

Marriage for same-sex couples could give NY’s economy as much as a $210 million boost in three years.

Other News:

Some same-sex marriage advocates are warning that an appeal of the Prop. 8 case to the U.S. Supreme Court could lead to further setbacks.

After last Tuesday’s Prop 8 decision, the New York Times editorial board opined “Polls show growing support for marriage rights for all Americans. We remain confident that the California ruling was a temporary setback.”

Legislators in NH seem to have reached a compromise on the state’s marriage bill, which is expected to come up for a vote this Wednesday.

Illinois’ pending civil union legislation has a special provision to quash ill-informed religious objections.

In Nevada, the Legislature overrode the Gov’s veto and established a domestic partnership registry for both same-sex and unmarried straight couples.

The Connecticut Hartford Courant’s editorial board opines on its state’s need for transgender non-discrimination protections.

We knew there was a good reason we bought all those Matchbox 20 albums…

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