Friday, November 6, 2009

Morning Sweep

Gov. Paterson has put marriage for same-sex couples on the State Senate's agenda when they return to Albany on Nov. 10. Read the Pride Agenda's statement on this here.

As a result of Tuesday's election, four members of the New York City Council will be openly gay -- more than ever before in the council's history.

Two men have been arrested in an allegedly anti-gay hate crime in Long Island.

Marriage advocates in New Jersey are angling for a vote on marriage before supportive Gov. Jon Corzine leaves office in January. Corzine was defeated by anti-marriage Republican Chris Christie in Tuesday's election.

The votes are still being counted on Washington state's Referendum 71, but the measure is expected to pass. The expansion of rights for same-sex domestic partners will mark the first time a state's voters have approved an LGBT equality measure at the ballot box.

The New York Times' Economics blog covers the special economic needs of transgender people in a surprisingly engaging way.

Andrew Sullivan gets down to the root of anti-marriage equality activists' common tactic of exploiting some parents' fears about the misconception that marriage for gay couples could affect school curriculum.

Jeremy Hooper's explanation of why losing in Maine is so infuriating is the perfect short, passionate and eloquent expression of the feelings of so many in the LGBT community and their allies.

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