Thursday, May 6, 2010

News Sweep

Rochester's Empty Closet profiles Pride Agenda Interim Executive Director Joe Tarver.

A ruling by the New York Court of appeals found that the lesbian non-biological mother of a child who she had raised with her former partner has the right to seek custody of the child because the couple has a Vermont civil union. The court's decision doesn't clarify exactly what this means for out-of-state marriages or for non-bio parents without legally recognized relationships.

Jurors in the trial of two men who attacked a Brooklyn man in 2008 are attempting to figure out what factors set off the violence. The defendants reportedly yelled anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs during the attack, and their motives will determine whether they are convicted of a hate crime.

A married gay couple from Rye, NY writes eloquently in the Journal News about the unfairness of their relationship being treated differently in the eyes of the law.

Argentina may be the next country to legalize gay marriage. The Argentine House of Deputies on Wednesday approved marriage equality legislation and sent it to the Senate for consideration. The country's president has promised not to veto the measure if it reaches her desk.

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