Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harry Bronson & Phillip LaTessa would add more LGBT leadership to the Legislature

Yesterday, we told you about Janet Duprey and Brian Foley, marriage and GENDA supporters in the Legislature whose pro-LGBT positions are being used against them. Today, we want to highlight two of our endorsements that would add more LGBT leadership to the New York Assembly.

Although it is by no means the sole criteria that the Pride Agenda bases our endorsements on, we are always pleased to support LGBT candidates because no one can move hearts and minds the way a legislator telling their own story can. Both Phillip LaTessa and Harry Bronson are gay candidates who are seeking open seats in the New York Assembly.

In Syracuse’s Assembly District 119 we have endorsed Phillip LaTessa
, current Syracuse City Auditor. He would represent the district of former Assemblywoman Joan Christensen, who voted against marriage equality. LaTessa would be yet another important supporter in the Assembly’s pro-LGBT majority.

In Rochester’s Assembly District 131, we have endorsed Harry Bronson, current Minority Leader of the Monroe County Legislature. He would represent the district of former Assemblywoman and LGBT rights champion Susan John. Bronson would help us make sure that this district continues to be represented by a strong, pro-LGBT leader.

As the first LGBT state legislators from outside of New York City, these candidates will help bring more diverse representation to Albany and will continue the Assembly’s record of leadership on issues important to the LGBT community. Please donate now to the Pride Agenda PAC to help Philip LaTessa and Harry Bronson in their bids to win these Assembly seats, and to allow us to support other candidates across the state who are also doing the right thing.

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