Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andrew M. Cuomo for Governor

Today the Pride Agenda PAC is announcing our support of Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo for New York State Governor for his commitment to fighting for civil rights, ending discrimination and achieving true equality for all New Yorkers.

As attorney general, Andrew Cuomo has been a great champion for the LGBT community, working closely with the Pride Agenda to fight transgender discrimination in employment and to defend our state's policy of fully respecting the legal marriages of same-sex couples performed out of state. This proven record is bolstered by Andrew Cuomo's commitment to working as governor to secure marriage equality, a statewide transgender non-discrimination law and policies, programs and resources to address the health and human service needs of New York's LGBT communities.

In accepting our endorsement, Andrew Cuomo said:
"I want to be the governor who makes marriage equality a reality in New York
State," said Andrew Cuomo. "New Yorkers believe that their neighbors should be
afforded the same rights and privileges under the law that they receive. I will
work with our leaders in the legislature to achieve passage of the Gender
Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), and with our state agencies to eliminate health
disparities for LGBT New Yorkers. I thank the Pride Agenda for its endorsement
of my candidacy, and I look forward to continuing our terrific partnership into
the future."

All New Yorkers who care about LGBT equality and justice should support Andrew Cuomo. The election is less than two weeks away, and we're working hard to elect him and the rest of our pro-LGBT endorsed candidates. Join the fight at our Online Election Center where you can:
If Andrew Cuomo is going to achieve our LGBT priorities, he's going to need strong allies in the legislature and in statewide offices at his side. There's so much you can do to help us get out the vote over the next two weeks!

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