Monday, April 11, 2011

N.Y. Marriage Approval at Record High

A poll conducted in early April by the Siena Research Institute shows a record 58% of New York voters now favor marriage equality. This number represents a slight increase from a January Siena poll that showed approval at 57%. Our executive director, Ross Levi, made the following statement on the poll:
“Today’s Siena poll results are yet another indication of ever-increasing support in New York for allowing loving, committed same-sex couples to marry. State legislators who have not supported marriage equality in the past should take note that New Yorkers – including nearly two thirds of suburban voters and a majority of upstate and Catholic voters – clearly believe in fairness and equality for their LGBT family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.”
The data also indicate suburban areas have the highest levels of support, with 64% of voters favoring legislation that would extend marriage benefits to same-sex couples.
The poll follows Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that he expects a Senate vote on the marriage bill before the session ends in June. This only adds to the mounting pressure for the state’s legislators to pass the law, which is now supported by well over a majority of voters. The Pride Agenda is hard at work on the ground organizing support to ensure that if a marriage bill comes to a vote this session, that the vote will be successful.
On May 9, the Pride Agenda will hold its Equality & Justice Day in Albany, once again giving constituents the opportunity to talk to their legislators about the issues facing the community. Join us May 9 and let your voice be heard.

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