Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dads calling their senators for Fathers Day

Today, hundreds of dads across New York are contacting their senators in support of marriage equality. Ask your dad to make a call today!

Support comes from New York father’s from all walks of life and from every corner of the state, as momentum to pass marriage legislation continues to build in the final days of the 2011 legislative session.

"I want what every Father wants – for society to treat all three of my children with the dignity and respect that they deserve,” said Gerald Hathaway, father of actress Anne Hathaway. “It’s time for the state legislature to ensure equality under the law for all NewYorkers, and that means allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.”

“This is an issue of basic equality and fairness,” said Paul Tagliabue, former Commissioner of the NFL. “I have an incredible son for whom I want every happiness in the world, including the joy of marriage – and all of the responsibilities, privileges and protections that come with it.”

In addition to famous dads, support for marriage comes from everyday New Yorkers. "As a father, I desperately want my three children to be happy. Gordon and I do our best to provide them with everything they need in life, just as any parents would. But the one thing we cannot give them is afamily that is treated equally under the law," said Ed Galloway of Pound Ridge. "This Father's Day, all I want is for my kids to know that their family is the same as other families, worthy of the same respect and privileges. I cannot give them this gift, but the New York State legislature can, and I hope they will finally make equality a reality for all New Yorkers and our children."

The push from fathers reflects the widespread, bipartisan support for marriage equality. The campaign continues to gain momentum in the final days of the legislative session, having passed in the Assembly Wednesday for the fourth time.
Dads, do it for your LGBT child, or for a better future for all children. Daughters and sons, make a call this Father's Day so that all LGBT parents can protect their families. Call your senator now.

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