Monday, December 15, 2008

Morning Sweep

Governor Paterson's marriage recognition directive continues to bear fruit: it was reported over the weekend that birth certificates will now recognize the married partner of the woman carrying a baby--regardless of what the partner's gender is--as the fully legal second parent.

As New York's first female High Court Chief Judge steps down, the Times editorializes on why Judith Kaye was exceptional, noting some of her decisions that espoused justice for LGBT people.

Hundreds attended a rally memorializing an Ecuadorian immigrant who was beaten to death because of his ethnicity and because, as he was walking arm-in-arm with his brother, he was perceived to be gay.

The Binghamton City Council is set to vote on a Human Rights Law that would make it illegal (among other things) to discriminate against transgender people. The bill is expected to pass.

The Buffalo News reports on an Episcopalian faith community that is moving from its old home and into a new, temporary facility after breaking from the diocese because of the Church's decision to consecrate an openly gay Bishop. The reporter, in my opinion, fails to capture the important other side of the story--the voices of the families within the congregation who support inclusion of LGBT people.

A columnist for The Forward discusses the non-issue of (relatively new) LGBT acceptance within the Conservative movement and then proceeds to artfully compare the Hanukkah holiday with coming out of the closet.

Shrek the Musical opened on Broadway last night, and Reuters noted some gay pride themes running throughout the show.

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