Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News Sweep

Former Congressman Harold Ford, who had declared his support for marriage equality as he weighed a potential run against staunchly pro-LGBT Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, has decided against throwing his hat in the race.

Washington, D.C.'s marriage office has hired temporary extra employees in preparation for an influx of applicants on Wednesday, the first day lesbian and gay couples will be able to marry in the District.

Anti-gay activists on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent gay couples from marrying in D.C., claiming residents should be able to vote on the matter. Local courts have rejected such arguments.

Leading up to the implementation of the marriage equality law in Washington, D.C., LGBT advocates worked with African Americans who were crucial in building support for marriage equality in the District.

Los Angeles' John A. PĂ©rez yesterday was sworn in as the first openly gay speaker of the California Assembly.

Daniel Radcliffe, star of the "Harry Potter" franchise, has come out a strong, straight ally in support of the LGBT community.

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