Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calcaterra, Avella and Barrett would oust Senators opposed to LGBT equality and justice

Yesterday, we told you about our endorsement of Charlie Ramos in the 32nd Senate District, who would unseat one of New York’s most anti-LGBT state Senators. Today, we want to highlight three more of our endorsements that will help us remove Senators who voted “no” on our issues and replace them with new legislators who are strong supporters of LGBT equality and justice.

One of the reasons that having the marriage vote in December 2009 was so important was that it gave us a clear, indisputable record of who stood with us and who stood against us. Similarly, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on GENDA in June outed several Senators as being against transgender civil rights. Because of these votes, we now have a clear roadmap as to which Senators need to be replaced by new ones who will be outspoken advocates for marriage equality and transgender non-discrimination.

In Long Island’s Senate District 1 we have endorsed Regina Calcaterra, who has pledged to support and co-sponsor GENDA and the marriage bill. Calcaterra would unseat Ken LaValle, a 34-year incumbent who voted no on marriage equality and GENDA.

In Queens’ Senate District 11 we have endorsed Tony Avella, who has also pledged to support and co-sponsor GENDA and the marriage bill. Avella would unseat Frank Padavan, a 38-year incumbent who voted no not just on marriage equality, but also on the hate crimes bill and SONDA. Padavan is consistently a staunch opponent of LGBT equality and justice.

In Hudson Valley’s Senate District 41 we have endorsed DiDi Barrett, another candidate who has pledged her support and plans to co-sponsor GENDA and marriage. Barrett would unseat Stephen Saland, a 20-year incumbent who voted no on marriage equality and GENDA.

These candidates will help bring real change to Albany and to remove Senators who have a proven record against LGBT equality and justice. Please donate now to the Pride Agenda PAC to help Regina Calcaterra, Tony Avella and DiDi Barrett in their bids to win these crucial Senate seats, and to allow us to support other candidates across the state who are also doing the right thing.

Stay tuned to our Election Center for updates on ways to volunteer or get involved with these and other important races.

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