Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angels in America welcomes the Pride Agenda

The cast, crew and award-winning author of the revival of the landmark play ANGELS IN AMERICA: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes welcomed the Pride Agenda for a January 6 performance benefitting the work of the organization. A night at the theater turned out to be a most appropriate start to our year!

Playwright Tony Kushner, a longtime supporter of the Pride Agenda, warmly thanked the audience members before the show for supporting a cause close to his heart.

Afterwards, our executive director, Ross Levi, noted the connections between this historic play and the Empire State Pride Agenda, both created around the same turbulent time in our community’s history. The character Ray Cohn infamously dismisses the movement by declaring “A homosexual is somebody who, in 15 years of trying cannot get a pissant anti-discrimination bill through the City Council.” The Pride Agenda was one of the lead organizations that got a nondiscrimination law passed statewide in a major victory a few years later.

Now celebrating our 20th anniversary, we’re still working to fulfill Pryor Walter’s prophetic vision: “We will be citizens.”

Managing Director of Operations Lynn Faria with Board Member Bill Porter, who plays Belize

Zoe Kazan, who plays Harper, with Board Chair Frank Selvaggi

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