Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pride Agenda reacts to positive DOMA development

The Justice Department has announced it will stop defending DOMA in court, marking a "major legal policy shift." [NYT]

Pride Agenda Executive Director Ross D. Levi had this to say:
"It is excellent news that the Justice Department has realized it can no
longer reasonably defend the unconstitutional, so-called 'Defense of Marriage
Act' (DOMA), and that the federal government has recognized that it should not
be hurting LGBT families by denying us the protections of marriage. DOMA was an
unfair attack on loving, same-sex couples and our families and a further
obstacle placed on legally married same-sex couples who reside in New York and
elsewhere. We are inspired to redouble our efforts here in New York, working
with Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to allow same-sex couples to marry
here in our home state."

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danc09 said...

One more step, each step rippling out, creating more steps ...