Friday, April 15, 2011

Marriage opponents making mischief in NY

Post by Executive Director Ross Levi

Our foes are at it again, making mischief in New York State.

The well-coffered National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is telling their supporters, “Two years ago, your phone calls and emails helped block same–sex marriage in New York.” Local extremist organization New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms sent an email claiming that “God turned the hearts of our legislators in December 2009 when ‘gay marriage’ was defeated in the State Senate 38-24, surely He can do it again!”

We can’t let their distortions drown out the truth of our lives to our state senators. Please take a moment and contact them TODAY. Legislators often tell us they need to hear from our side more. We know they’re paying attention. Use our action center to easily send an email to your senator.

As the stunning and inspiring about-face by former NOM acolyte Louis Marinelli proves, our staunchest opponents can and do change when they get to know LGBT people and their supporters. As first reported on Good As You, the leader of NOM’s summer tour that stopped in Albany revealed “the lesbian and gay people whom I made a profession out of opposing became real people.”

The same can happen for your senator when they consistently hear from marriage supporters like you through email, by phone and through advocacy visits from over a thousand New Yorkers at once during Equality & Justice Day on Monday, May 9. Tell your senator you want marriage TODAY.

Ross D. Levi
Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda

PS – As you read this NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is testifying before Congress about why loving same-sex couples don’t deserve marriage. Help counter their insidious efforts in New York State and send a message to your state senator right away.

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