Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Photo Album: Picture Equality

A message from Executive Director Ross Levi

Join the Empire State Pride Agenda and our coalition partners for our project “Family Photo Album: Picture Equality.” Together we will present the faces and families of marriage equality in New York State to our Senate. Send a family photo and a letter to your Senators so they, too, can “picture equality.”

Senators from all across the state are receiving large numbers of phone calls and postcards from supporters of marriage for all loving, committed couples. Unfortunately, they’re also hearing from our opponents.

We need to show them why marriage matters for all New Yorkers. As your Senators contemplate their vote on marriage in the next few weeks, it is vital that they remember that their constituents’ lives are at stake—the lives of real families and the lives of our friends and relatives who care about us.

This Memorial Day weekend, as you gather with family, friends and neighbors, take a picture and then send it along with a personal letter that tells your Senator why marriage is an issue that is important to you and those you care about. Or send them a digital photo attached to a personal email. Find your Senator’s email or mailing address at:

We need your help to let Senators know that the decision to vote for marriage equality cannot be simply based on politics; we need them to know that their decision impacts loving couples who want to make a commitment to each other, families who want to protect their children and young people who want to grow up in a state where they can nurture their own families and futures.

Let us know when you’ve contacted your Senator so we can keep track of how many Senators have heard that “It’s Personal” from their constituents. Email us at if you’re sending your photo through the mail or bcc us if you’re sending an email.

If you want to share your photo and story, feel free to post your photo and a caption on our Facebook event “Picture Equality.”

Join us in creating our picture of equality.

Ross D. Levi
Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda

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