Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Register your wedding with the Pride Agenda

Let the weddings begin! By Monday, July 25, all loving, committed same-sex couples will finally be able to get married in New York State. You can honor and celebrate these marriages through a gift that’s priceless: Ensuring marriage equality for a lifetime.

Register your wedding with the Pride Agenda
or give a gift to a happy couple to allow us to defend the marriage victory we secured this year and ensure that our marriages are able to last forever.

There are many reasons to consider the Pride Agenda when deciding where to make your gift registry. Couples who have lived together for years may find they don’t need the typical housewarming gifts that some newlyweds would seek. New couples may feel that helping to defend their marriage from attack is the best gift they could ever receive. Straight couples may know that the fight for their LGBT friends is far from over, and a gift to the Pride Agenda in their name will help ensure that all marriages, and all families, are honored and protected equally by New York State.

With the Empire State Pride Agenda Wedding Registry you can encourage your guests to give a gift in your name for LGBT equality and justice. All they need is the link Or, you can give a gift in honor of any happy couple you know. Let them see that you care by standing up for their marriage.

I can’t believe the day is almost here. Let’s do our part to help marriage last forever.


Ross D. Levi
Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda

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Jean Singphatanakul said...

This is an amazing change that's happening one state at a time around America and to celebrate New York State's historic marriage equality vote, the management and staff at Molly Blooms Victorian Bar and Restaurant in Sunnyside plan to host a free wedding reception for a lucky same sex couple.

“It is important to be part of this groundbreaking civil rights victory;
this is a wonderful moment for New York State and all of it's residents,”
said Ciaran Staunton, owner of Molly Blooms.

The recently opened restaurant and beer garden is home to Sunnyside's progressive community of writers, artists, musicians, politicians and community activists. Named after a leading character in James Joyce's masterpiece Ulysses, the Victorian style bar and restaurant's d├ęcor fits its theme, its dark mahogany fittings and venerable pale yellow ceilings making it one of the most beautiful venues in the five boroughs.

To have your same sex wedding reception hosted by Molly Blooms simply stop by the gorgeous new location in Sunnyside, complete an application form and have a word with the friendly staff. The winning couples names will be picked from a hat and the prize on offer is a substantial one: a three-hour open bar and delicious reception in Molly Blooms elegant bar and beer garden. Now that's the way to let freedom ring in style!

The drawing will take place at 8pm on July 13thso come sign up quick!

Molly Blooms is at 43-13 Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside.

More information at: