Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pride Agenda Endorses Dan Quart

The Pride Agenda is proud to give our endorsement to Dan Quart in the Special Election to fill the open Assembly seat in the 73rd district located on the East Side of Manhattan. Dan is a first-time candidate running to fill a seat long held by pro-LGBT legislators. Our community must ensure that the seat remains firmly in the hands of a legislator who will champion our issues and advance an agenda of equality and justice for LGBT New Yorkers and our families.

The Pride Agenda’s endorsement criterion is rigorous. Dan gave uniformly positive responses on our candidate questionnaire regarding the dozens of issues we have identified as part of our LGBT equality and justice agenda. This includes his support for a state human rights law to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and state funding for community-based programming to meet the specific health and human service needs of LGBT people, in areas like mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence and homeless services.

When asked how he would advance the goals of the Pride Agenda, Dan eloquently stated,
“I will work to organize support among the voters, I will lobby my colleagues for their support, I will attend press events and speak to the press regarding the importance of these issues, and I will have an open door policy to the LGBT community to discuss these issues and how we can most effectively implement them.”
As the race heats up in the next few weeks, spread the word about Dan and his candidacy. Let your neighbors know about his pledge to advance a pro-LGBT agenda. Dan’s voice will help ensure the Assembly maintains its record of leadership on issues of concern to our community. And most importantly, vote for Dan Quart on election day: September 13, 2011!

Support the Pride Agenda’s Political Action Committee so we can continue to support pro-LGBT candidates in the movement towards equality and justice.

Ross D. Levi
Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda

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