Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joining the Trans Advocacy Network

Post by Christopher Argyros, Pride Agenda Transgender Rights Organizer
I’m excited to announce that the Pride Agenda has joined the nationwide Trans Advocacy Network (TAN)! This is a recently-formed alliance of organizations that advocate for transgender equality and justice at the state and local level. TAN will create opportunities for member organizations, such as the Pride Agenda, to connect with trans organizations across the country for organizing and sharing resources, best practices and strategies, with the goal of building momentum for trans equality across the country.
I can certainly attest from my own experience as a trans rights organizer that this Network will be enormously helpful for the work I do with the Pride Agenda and as coordinator of the New York State Transgender Rights Coalition. Over the last year, I’ve gotten on the phone regularly with advocates from other states, seeking their insight and advice on strategies and sharing resources. I found that my conversations with organizer-extraordinaire Gunner Scott (Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition) were so helpful that I invited him to speak with the New York State coalition last month about campaign organizing, media outreach and messaging strategies. While recognizing that each state is different, with a unique set of hurdles and challenges in forging the road to full equality, the knowledge we share about what works (and what doesn’t) is invaluable. Additionally, in these conversations we inspire and support each other in what can sometimes be frustrating and challenging work. 
You can learn more about the Trans Advocacy Network at the new website: Also, check out the Network on Facebook and follow the Network on Twitter.
This new website is one tool that will make TAN’s goals possible as there has been no central hub for this kind of organizing before on the local and state level for trans activists.  On the public side, TAN will provide information about the member organizations and promote our work through the website and via social media.  
Along with the launch of the website, the Trans Advocacy Network will host conference calls and webinars for the member organizations on topics like community building, education and advocacy. These dialogues and training opportunities are crucial. Organizations across the country will now be able to support one another’s local struggles, while coming together in coalition to advance transgender rights across the country.
It’s an exciting time to be a part of this growing national (and international) trans rights movement that has the potential and opportunity to free all of us from restrictive gender stereotypes, and create a world where each of us can live with greater authenticity and freedom. If you would like to learn more about the advocacy happening here in New York, feel free to email me at or call (518) 649-8140.

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