Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Albany Project backs up the Pride Agenda’s endorsement of Rick Dollinger for State Senate.

Although the ban on travelers and immigrants with HIV coming to the U.S. was lifted two months ago, the government has been slow in implementing the changes needed to put new rules into effect.

Opponents of California’s Prop. 8 are worried that black voters driven to the polls in record numbers in support of Barack Obama will vote in favor of the proposition to ban same-sex marriage.

McCain and Obama have avoided discussing the divisive same-sex marriage ban amendments on the ballot in three states (California, Arizona and Florida).

The Buffalo News puts its two cents in on the topic and suggests that the “outside issue” of same-sex marriage ban amendments could be one of the top factors in the outcome of the presidential election.

The Orlando Sentinel’s editorial board writes against its same-sex marriage ban amendment because it puts all domestic partnerships – not just same-sex ones – at risk.

Also in Florida, the Palm Beach Post editorializes against the state’s gay adoption ban – but still says “Ideally, adoptive children would go to two loving, heterosexual parents.”

The transgender woman who sued the Library of Congress for withdrawing its job offer after finding out she is trans has won her lawsuit.

Hate crimes in Boston are on the rise, and particularly those against gays and lesbians.

The New York Times has a great profile of a Raleigh, NC family that, when Dad came out as gay, found acceptance at a local Baptist church.

The Times also analyzes makeup company CoverGirl’s choice of Ellen DeGeneres as its newest spokesmodel.

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