Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning Sweep

Gay City News writes extensively on the 56th District State Senate race between Rick Dollinger and Republican Senator Joe Robach. Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle is quoted: "Rick Dollinger is not only going to vote for our issues in Albany, but he is also going to be a strong voice within the Democratic caucus in the Senate for those issues. I have 100 percent confidence in that." Read more on the Pride Agenda’s endorsement of Rick Dollinger here.

Four San Diego firefighters who are suing the city for the “emotional stress” of being assigned to march in the city’s gay pride parade testified this week.

The Iraqi coordinator of an organization that provided safe houses for gays and lesbians in Baghdad was assassinated yesterday.

Bosnia’s first gay pride festival will close early due to the homophobic violence on its opening night.

A Bilerico guest blogger highlights the importance of including LGBT youth voices in advocacy work.

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