Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning Sweep

A conservative Daily News columnist writes that LGBT Americans need to "get your priorities straight" and quiet down about LGBT issues until "bigger" problems, like the economy and health care, are taken care of. Author S.E. Cupp goes so far as to say that LGBT issues "should be at the bottom of the pile."

A report released yesterday accuses the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission of violating multiple policies in their participation in the controversial June police raid on a Fort Worth, TX gay bar. No decision has been made yet on penalties for the agents involved.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the site of the deadly shooting at a Tel Aviv gay youth center is being lauded by some as historic but drawing criticism from others because of his decision to block media from covering the event.

As a queer woman married to a trans woman, this writer has a fascinating perspective on gender identity and sexism.

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