Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Morning Sweep

The New York Times profiles attorney Ted Olson, a noted conservative legal expert, and the path that has led him to partner with David Boies to file a federal challenge of Calif.'s Prop. 8 on behalf of two gay couples. A hearing in the case is scheduled for today in San Francisco.

But is Olson's timing right? The Times' Room for Debate blog has four experts weigh in on a Supreme Court challenge.

TIME questions Obama's handling of DOMA.

NYC's Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youths plans to celebrate Bea Arthur's gay advocacy efforts by naming a residence center in her honor.

As a result of a much-publicized, ill-timed and poorly executed raid on a Forth Worth, TX bar, local police are completely revising their rules on inspections of night clubs.

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