Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election Day was step 1 -- Now we take the struggle to them!

Voting is something you do maybe a couple days a year. Politics is what happens every other day.

Thanks to you we made some important wins on Election Day, and sent the message loud and clear to all elected officials that supporting our community is good politics. We're operating under a new political reality and our work is far from over.

We can't stop now if we are going to achieve LGBT equality and justice in New York State. We're planning face-to-face meetings with legislators from across the state, both at the Capitol and in your district. Will you commit to meeting with your legislator face to face?

We know from experience that these in-person meetings are our most effective strategy for appealing to the head, heart and nerve of our elected representatives. We've seen it in assemblymembers and senators from both political parties who changed their position after meeting with constituents: Nothing beats sharing your own personal story and explaining how New York's unfair laws affect you personally, or the life of someone you care about. We can't let one senator or assemblymember in Albany think that supporters of LGBT equality and justice don't live in their district, or that they needn't serve all their constituents.

Won't you join us at an in-person meeting with your legislator to share your story? Election Day was just step one. The struggle continues, and now we take it to them...

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