Monday, November 1, 2010

Tomorrow will tell the tale

Tomorrow is Election Day -- one of the most critical election days in recent memory that will literally determine whether New York's LGBT community achieves our pressing victories in one year or five.

Polls are showing airtight races for statewide offices such as Attorney General and Comptroller -- where we've endorsed Eric Schneiderman and Tom DiNapoli respectively. Newspapers are speculating on the power balance in the State Senate. The truth is that anything could happen tomorrow. So we need two things from you and all our other supporters:

  1. VOTE! Download and print the latest version of our election guide and take it with you to the polls. Make sure you know where to vote.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD about how important these elections are. Do all your friends and family know what this election will mean for you? Share our election guide on Facebook and Twitter to get them the information they need.

Empire State Pride Agenda staff and volunteers have been working around the clock, supporting local campaigns on the ground and through phone banks to get out the vote and ensure success in these elections. After tomorrow, we'll know a lot more about what kind of strategy we will need to win marriage equality and nondiscrimination protections for transgender New Yorkers. Today, please think about who you know who may not turn up to the polls tomorrow. What can you do to get them there?

You can follow us on Election Night on Facebook and Twitter, where we will be bringing you updates throughout the night on key races throughout New York State.

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