Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New from TRANScribe: "Anonymous in Lockport "

Told by a woman in Lockport, the next story in the TRANScribe Project really underscores why we fight for transgender equality and justice. When in custody, this type of situation can be terrifying and unfortunately is all too common. Nearly one in four transgender New Yorkers who have interacted with police reported harassment by an officer. Here's an excerpt:

...was the most humiliating experience that I have ever had in my entire life of over 50 years. It is something that brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of it.

I cannot reveal my real name because I live completely undetected in Lockport. I am afraid that if people ever found out I would lose my home, a home that I have lived in since 2004. I am well-liked but afraid my neighbors and friends would stop talking to me if they knew that I was not a genetic female. I already lost all my friends and family once when I transitioned in 1996 and I am afraid they would retaliate against me for telling about the horrible treatment I received... Read more...

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