Thursday, March 29, 2012

What does Equality & Justice mean to you?

What does equality and justice mean to you?

Whether you're able to join us in Albany or not for Equality & Justice Day on Tuesday, May 8, you're probably involved with the Empire State Pride Agenda because equality and justice are values you hold close.

Take a moment and share with our movement what equality and justice means to you. Download and print our sign "Equality & Justice because..." Fill it out. Take a photo of yourself holding it. Post it on the Facebook wall for Equality & Justice Day or Tweet it at us @prideagenda using the hash tag #ej12.

Your response can be very personal or very broad; it can be words, a drawing, a photo, whatever you think of.

For Pinterest users, we will also be cross-posting these images on our Pinterest board "Equality & Justice because..." and re-pinning images with the hash tag #ej12.

We look forward to seeing your submissions online!

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