Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning Sweep

Much is being written on yesterday's disappointing marriage loss in the Senate, including stories in the Associated Press, New York Times and Gay City News.

Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle, quoted in the Observer: "It's a defeat today, but it's not a defeat for marriage equality," he said. "We had some of the most extraordinary speeches delivered on the floor of the Senate that I've ever seen delivered in all my time up in Albany. We had people share stories about their families, about their loss, that I don't think we've heard before, and I think we've seen what we asked for happen. We know have a road map for 2010 and the work we have to do."

Here are some of the amazing, inspiring stories shared by Senators in support of marriage during the debate.

The New York Times, Journal News and Albany Times Union editorial boards lament the loss.

Jo-Ann Shain and Mary Jo Kennedy, longtime marriage activists, comment on the loss. The two were litigants in the 2006 Hernandez v. Robles case, in which the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that there was no constitutional mandate to allow same-sex couples to marry in New York and that the issue should be decided by the state legislature.

Comments from the opposition just help to solidify our resolve for the future.

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