Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning Sweep

Gov. Paterson today signed an Executive Order to prohibit discrimination against transgender State employees. “New York now begins to catch up to where many other states have been for quite a while,” said Pride Agenda Executive Director Alan Van Capelle. “The work is not over, though, until New York enacts a comprehensive law banning discrimination against transgender people.”

Dennis deLeon, NYC's Human Rights commissioner under Mayor David Dinkins and, for 15 years, the president of the Latino Commission on AIDS, has passed away.

The Washington D.C. City Council approved marriage equality legislation yesterday on an 11-2 vote. Mayor Adrian Fenty has promised to sign the bill. Congress has 30 working days to act on the bill, but it has rejected legislation just three times in the past 25 years.

A transgender advocate explains on Huffington Post why employment non-discrimination protections so important.

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