Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bereavement leave for same-sex couples signed by governor

A-2563a/S6177a prevents employers who extend funeral or bereavement leave to an employee for the death of a spouse, child, parent or other relative from denying the same leave for the death of an employee's same-sex committed partner. The new law defines same-sex committed partners as those who are financially and emotionally interdependent in a manner commonly presumed of spouses.

Pride Agenda has championed this critical legislation from the beginning to fill at least some of the gaps caused by the denial of marriage equality to New York’s committed same-sex couples. Big thanks to Assemblymember Deborah Glick and Senator Velmanette Montgomery for serving our community as lead sponsors of such an important bill!

Though New York State government recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples performed elsewhere, this new legislation makes it absolutely clear that our families will be treated fairly during the most trying of times. Every kind of family knows the pain of loss, and employers shouldn't single out certain employees to treat differently.

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