Monday, September 20, 2010

Will you promise to vote in the November 2 General Election?

If you voted in last week's Primary Election, you know in some of our endorsed races that it was a bit of a nail-biter until the last minute. However, thanks to your votes and your contributions of time and money, our community came out victorious in the vast majority of Pride Agenda's endorsed races. We held ground for our proven allies and helped new champions win their primaries. You also helped defeat a Senator who voted against both marriage for same-sex couples and the most basic civil rights for lesbian and gay New Yorkers.

We need you again. The Pride Agenda is pushing hard to the finish line, but in order to win in the General Election on November 2, every LGBT and allied New Yorker who is eligible must vote.

Make a promise to yourself and to the LGBT community today: Pledge to vote on Tuesday, November 2.
This commitment is important not only for LGBT people. To secure our rights, we need our allies to stand up and stand with us, and no time more than on Election Day. Sign our pledge:
"I pledge to turn out and vote on November 2 in support of LGBT equality and justice."

If you or anyone you know isn't registered, the deadline is October 8. We simply can't afford for any pro-LGBT New Yorker who is eligible to vote to miss an election, especially this one. We need to stand with our allies in office who have stood with us, and we need to send a strong message to politicians who have opposed us that there will be accountability for their actions. Sign our pledge, and ask your friends to make the promise, too.

PS -- Once you sign our pledge to vote, please consider taking the next step. "Like" us on Facebook for important election updates, contribute to our Election PAC or volunteer on a key race.

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