Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Morning Sweep – Election Recap (PM Edition)

Pardon our lateness in posting the sweep – we’ve been recovering from being out in the field yesterday and seeing the results pour in. We’ll have much more on election results for you tomorrow!

The New York State Senate has flipped from a Republican Majority to a pro-LGBT Democrat Majority. Democrat Brian Foley defeated Republican incumbent Caesar Trunzo in Long Island and Democrat Joseph Addabbo defeated Republican incumbent Serphin Maltese in Queens, gaining two seats. There are now 32 Democrats out of 62 total Senate seats.

Barack Obama, President-elect, is already at work preparing his transition team.

Democrats also gained at least five seats in the U.S. Senate.

Four major LGBT bills will face the new U.S. Congress.

Connecticut voters rejected a ballot proposition to hold a Constitutional convention which would have opened the door to the possibility of a same-sex marriage ban there.

And now for the bad news: California’s Prop. 8 to ban same-sex marriage looks to have passed, according to the AP. Same-sex marriage bans in Arizona and Florida also passed. And Arkansas voters approved a ban to keep unmarried couples from becoming foster parents or adopting.

Gay rights activists react to the passing of Prop. 8.

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daftpunkydavid said...

so what now? what the heck do we do now?? i feel so powerless, yet full of rage, sadness and anger. at least obama won. i can't imagine how depressing it would have been otherwise. i hope the democrats make good on their promises, both at our state's level and at the federal one. i'm tired of being a punching ball, tired of being taken for granted. this really sucks. it really sucks to be ignored, despised, reviled by the majority, for who you are; and to be completely at its mercy, at its tyrannic mercy. what a horrible feeling.