Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Albany Times-Union reports that Canada is experiencing a same-sex marriage “mini-boom” from gay and lesbian New Yorkers who are choosing to wed there.

Nearly 300 gay rights activists protested Prop. 8 in California yesterday.

A protest against Prop. 8 is planned for this Wed., Nov. 12 in New York. Towleroad has details here.

The Washington Post editorial board expresses disappointment against all of the same-sex marriage bans that passed.

Calif. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes the state’s Supreme Court will overturn Prop. 8, and urges gay rights activists to “never give up.”

Antipathy toward Obama in Arkansas may have helped the same-sex adoption ban pass there.

The small city of Silverton, Oregon has elected the country’s first transgender mayor.

Anti-gay religious groups, enthusiastic about their win in California, are now preparing to fight against same-sex marriage in states like New York.

Pride Agenda Board Co-Chair Frank Selvaggi writes on David Mixner’s blog on the need for the LGBT community to recommit to the fight against inequality now that Prop. 8 has passed.

A Bilerico Project guest blog explains why Prop. 8 is devastating to straight allies as well as the gay community.

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