Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Albany Project has a roundup of stories about New York’s new Democrat Senate Majority.

The New York Times summarizes the effects of the three new same-sex marriage bans in CA, AZ and FL. Thirty out of 50 states now have same-sex marriage bans, and while same-sex couples in CA will still be able to get civil unions, AZ and FL have no such option.

The Times editorial board writes on their disappointment over the passage of the four ballot measures that write discrimination against same-sex couples into state constitutions.

Several openly gay politicians won significant state and national seats in this election, including Jared Polis for U.S. Rep in Colorado and Kate Brown for Oregon Secretary of State.

CNN’s exit polls found that 27% of gay voters chose McCain. Towleroad is surprised.

Prop. 8’s passage has resulted in protests and legal action.

There is still much uncertainty as to whether same-sex marriages performed in California before Nov. 4 will be recognized as legal now that Prop. 8 has passed.

The “No on 8” campaign is holding on to hope – they say that until provisional ballots are counted, it’s too early to say if Prop. 8 has passed.

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