Monday, January 5, 2009

Morning Sweep

The Albany Times-Union has a feature on “HomoRadio,” the weekly Capital Region radio show on WRPI.

The Buffalo News writes on Spiritus Christi Buffalo, a local splinter congregation of the Catholic Church that is more inclusive and welcoming to all, including same-sex couples.

The L.A. Times writes about New York’s Harvey Milk High School students’ reactions to seeing the film “Milk.”

U.S. News & World Report explores the debate over LGBT high schools and asks if helping LGBT teens overcome bullying is worth segregating them from other kids their age.

Although New Jersey is close to having enough votes to pass a same-sex marriage bill in the Assembly, politics may hold the legislation back.

Sam Adams, the new mayor of Portland and the first openly gay man elected to the office in a top-30 U.S. city, has taken office. He has stated he doesn’t want his sexual orientation to play a role in his position, saying, "I don't want to be a gay mayor. I do want to be a great mayor.”

The Advocate has recommendations for how the Obama administration can make progress with the LGBT community after its divisive Rick Warren pick.

More than a dozen families are suing in Arkansas in hopes that the new ban against unmarried couples adopting or becoming foster parents will be ruled unconstitutional.

The Sacramento Bee profiles Jerry Brown, the 70-year-old California Attorney General and former Governor who has filed a brief against Prop. 8.

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