Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Morning Sweep

The New York State Senate will vote today on its new Majority Leader. The New York Times reports that a deal was reached last night to elect Senator Malcolm Smith, putting Democrats in power for the first time in four decades.

Supporters and opponents of Prop. 8 argued in court Monday over whether the state's Supreme Court has the authority to overturn the anti-gay marriage initiative.

A new National Gay and Lesbian Task Force report reiterates that it was party identification, age, religion and political views – not race – that had the biggest impact on voters’ decisions for or against Prop. 8.

Bob Barr, author of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, editorializes in the L.A. Times that he now wants the law struck down – not because he supports same-sex marriage, but because “It truly is time to get the federal government out of the marriage business.”

An anonymous letter threatening to poison patrons was sent to 11 gay bars in Seattle and a local alternative weekly newspaper. The Seattle Police Department is investigating the possible hate crime.

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