Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morning Sweep

Fred Hochberg, the openly gay Dean of the Milano School of Management and Public Policy at the New School who also led the Small Business Administration in President Clinton's cabinet, is being championed as a nominee for Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration (now that Richardson is out). Hochberg is currently on Obama's transition team.

An openly gay man, Brad Kiley, has been appointed to a non-Cabinet level position in the Obama White House: Director of the Office of Management and Administration.

The New York Times editorializes on Arkansas' recently passed law banning gay couples--and unmarried heterosexual couples--from adopting, saying that the shameful law needs to be struck down by the state's Supreme Court so that bigotry can once again be replaced by the best interests of the child.

Columnist Deb Price writes about the gay-friendly freshman class in the new Congress.

The Forward discusses the increasing understanding and acceptance of transgender Jews in several Jewish faith communities, notably within the Reform and Conservative movements.

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