Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Dinner in the News

Since last week, the Fall Dinner has generated much important media coverage on the fight for marriage equality in New York State. It has also helped draw attention to other LGBT issues. And last but not least, it’s led to some fun fashion and celebrity news as well! Here’s a roundup of some significant stories:

Joe.My.God, Gay City News and Newsday have great summaries of the evening's events, and The Daily Politics’ Liz Benjamin writes extensively on Executive Director Alan Van Capelle's speech, U.S. Senator Schumer's keynote, and Gov. Paterson's statements.

Major news outlets and blogs in New York and across the country wrote on Paterson’s statements at the Dinner and after that he will put marriage at the top of the agenda for the Senate’s upcoming special session, including: Gannett, the AP, NY1, ABC News, The Advocate, WSYR Syracuse, Politics on the Hudson, and Towleroad.

Politico wrote on Schumer’s comments about politicians changing their mind of marriage.

And just for fun:

Page Six highlighted Margaret Cho’s comedy at the Dinner.

Comedy Central’s blog summary of Schumer’s comments at the Dinner made us laugh.

We agree: the Hathaway family is “genetically blessed,” and Anne certainly “lights up the room” with her lovely smile.

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