Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morning Sweep

An openly gay Queens man was assaulted by two men on Friday in an anti-gay attack. A 26-year-old man was arrested Sunday in connection with the crime and charged with assault and aggravated assault as a hate crime, and a second man is being sought in connection with the crime.

The New York Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments today in the Alliance Defense Fund's suit against New York extending benefits to same-sex couples legally married in jurisdictions outside the state.

At last week's panel on transgender hate crimes in Brooklyn, remarks by family members of Syracuse transgender woman Lateisha Green, who was killed nearly a year ago, were particularly poignant.

Authorities estimate this weekend's Equality March in D.C. was attended by "tens of thousands."
The New York Times writes on the national vs. state-by-state strategies of LGBT activists illuminated by the Equality March.

President Obama said on Saturday at the HRC's fundraiser that he will end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but some LGBT advocates and members of the media have expressed disappointment at his continued failure to offer a timetable for the law's repeal. Others urge patience.

California Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed the bill establishing Harvey Milk's birthday as a state holiday. He has also signed a bill that calls on the state to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who were legally married in other states during the brief time that same-sex marriages were legal in California, as well as legislation to expand services for LGBT survivors of domestic violence.

The chief justice of the California Supreme Court draws attention to the state's "dysfunctional" referendum process to alter laws.

Maine voters have a huge decision coming up in November. Their state will be the first state to decide whether to repeal or uphold a law passed by their Legislature and signed by their governor that extends marriage equality to gay couples.

A new national poll shows rising support for civil unions, but the same numbers on marriage as last year.

The Washington Post profiles several same-sex couples who are waiting to wed until marriage becomes legal in their home jurisdiction of D.C.

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