Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morning Sweep

Some community leaders in Queens are encouraged by the recent passage of the hate crimes bill.

The New York Times
highlights the importance of the fight for marriage in Maine. If the referendum doesn't pass and marriage is upheld, it will mark the first victory at the ballot box on this issue - 30 states have voted to ban marriage for same-sex couples, but none have yet voted to uphold it.

Maine Gov. John Baldacci is urging voters to cast their ballot against the referendum.

A growing number of LGBT asylum seekers are arguing before U.S. immigration courts that anti-LGBT violence and threats in their home countries make it too dangerous for them to return.

An interesting visual analysis of public polling data on marriage equality and other LGBT issues suggests in many states, "legal and policy responses (whether from the legislative or judicial branch) lag behind much more liberal popular opinion."

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