Monday, October 25, 2010

Gains are seen for LGBT candidates

The LGBT community could use better representation at all levels of government. This year there’s a potential to increase the number LGBT state legislators, with two new potentials. Harry Bronson and Brian McGrath, both running for Assembly, would be our first LGBT state legislators from outside of New York City.

One piece of good news this election year is the growing number of transgender people across the country who are running for political office (and have won elections in recent years). The New York Times has profiled some of these candidates and elected officials, including Alameda County Superior Court Judge candidate Victoria Kolakowski who said, “I want people to know that we are capable of being everything.”

We also need transgender people in elected office here in New York. Transgender New Yorkers are still deprived of their basic civil rights and face intrusive burdens in obtaining certain state services. There’s nothing like having a seat at the table to make change happen.

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