Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your Check List for Election Day 2010

One week from today New Yorkers from Long Island to Buffalo will be voting in an election that analysts of all political stripes predict could be a major game-changer. In a volatile election year with so many tight races between LGBT allies and vocal opponents, we can't afford to suffer an enthusiasm gap from our side.

What will you do over the next seven days to take us over the finish line?

1. Check our endorsements for the pro-LGBT candidates in your district.

2. Find your voting location and put Election Day, Tuesday, November 2 on your calendar.

3.Talk to your friends and family and ask them to vote on Tuesday, November 2 for pro-LGBT candidates. Ask them to do it for you. Don't take anyone for granted. Every vote counts.

4. Volunteer with us on a key campaign. Join Pride Agenda staffers and volunteers out in the field. Find an opportunity that works for you.

5. Support pro-LGBT candidates with a gift to Empire State Pride Agenda PAC. Your contribution could make the difference. Help us counteract the flow of anti-LGBT funding flowing into our state from the National Organization for (straight only) Marriage.

These elections will literally determine how quickly we can achieve marriage equality and the most basic of civil rights for transgender New Yorkers. They will also determine if we can hold onto funding for the LGBT health and human services upon which so many New Yorkers desperately rely. Who do you want representing YOU in Albany?

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