Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long Island Update: elections, a new video, our community forum and more

Post by Long Island Program Organizer Joanna Solmonsohn

Long Islanders have been playing, and will continue to play, a major role in the fight for the passage of marriage equality and the Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act. Here’s a rundown of recent past events and upcoming ways to get involved!

This month is LGBT History Month. Help celebrate it by working to achieve LGBT equality and justice on Long Island. There is much work to be done in anticipation of the General Election on November 2 and many ways to get involved.

Re-elect Brian Foley

Join the Pride Agenda, Marriage Equality New York , HRC and the GLBT Democrats of Suffolk County as we work to re-elect Senator Brian Foley. Senator Foley voted “yes” on the marriage bill and has expressed public support for the Gender Expression Non-discrimination Act. His vote in support of marriage is being used against him. Our community must not allow attacks based on pro-LGBT votes to hurt fair-minded candidates in the 2010 elections. Senator Foley was willing to stand up and do the right thing for our community, and now our community needs to stand behind him to ensure he remains in office and continues fighting for our community.

Let’s show Long Islanders that LGBT people and our allies are a strong, united force that is willing and able to make a difference.

When: Sunday, October 24 and on election day, Tuesday, November 2
Beginning at 11am

Where: Senator Brian Foley’s Campaign Office
81 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip

RSVP: Joanna Solmonsohn, 516.993.4623, jsolmonsohn AT prideagenda DOT org

While you’re at it, check out this video about Sen. Foley, made by our friends at Marriage Equality New York.

Long Island marriage education program

In addition to our electoral work on Long Island, the Pride Agenda is engaged in identifying marriage equality and transgender civil rights supporters and a marriage equality education program.

The marriage education program, entitled Marriage Equality and Families, was created and developed in conjunction with our Pride in the Pulpit Program. The goal of the program is to connect with Long Islanders especially those who are skeptical about marriage equality or who think that same –sex marriage has little to do with them. The program is in the form of a panel discussion. Same sex couples share stories about their lives and families in order to bring a personal perspective to this issue, help people explore their own thoughts about marriage equality, and provide a venue for them to ask questions about a topic that they may not know a lot about.

If you would like to invite the panel to speak at your congregation, club meeting, or university, please contact Joanna Solmonsohn at 516.993.4623 or jsolmonsohn AT prideagenda DOT org.

Report from Community Forum

On September 23, the Pride Agenda hosted a community forum in Hauppauge. Joining our new executive director Ross Levi for a dialogue about the work being done to achieve LGBT equality and justice on Long Island were Cathy Marino-Thomas from Marriage Equality New York and James Fallarino from Equality Long Island. Members of our community had the chance to share their ideas about the work being done on Long Island and the best ways we can work together going forward. Much discussion centered on the importance of the upcoming election and engaging allies in our fight. Watch a recording of the webcast.

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