Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Sweep

The Wall Street Journal analyzes John McCain’s stance on hot-button issues such as gay rights, abortion and gun control.

Mildred Loving, a black woman who fought the state of Virginia to make interracial marriage legal in the historic 1967 Supreme Court case, has passed away. On the 40th anniversary of the decision last year, Loving announced her support for marriage for same-sex couples.

An amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania has passed in committee and will now be voted on by the State Senate.

The WNBA thinks it’s necessary to teach its players how to act more feminine – including lessons on how to wear clothes and makeup.

The New York Times profiles Michael Patrick King, the openly-gay screenwriter and film director of the “Sex and the City” movie and former head writer for the show.

In case you haven’t heard: in last night’s episode, the gay “Gossip Girl” character was finally revealed!

Today is the 140th birthday of the word “homosexual.” Cake and candles, anyone?

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