Friday, May 30, 2008

The media reacts to the Gov.’s move toward marriage equality

Since the original NY Times story broke the news on Wednesday night, there have been literally hundreds of stories throughout the country written, blogged and recorded about Gov. Paterson’s instructions to state agencies to respect out of state marriages of same-sex couples. Here’s just a sampling of some of the great stories highlighting this historic move, and pondering what’s next for gay marriage in New York:

Editorial: A Step Closer to Justice – NY Times

Bruno Weighs Response to Gay-Marriage Directive – NY Times

N.Y. to Recognize Other Jurisdictions' Gay MarriagesWashington Post

Same-sex marriage rights directed by Paterson are far reaching – Ithaca Journal/Gannett Papers

Editorial: A victory for gay rights – Times Union

Guv Advances Marriage MarchGay City News

N.Y. recognizes gay marriages – Washington Blade

Bruno may challenge governor's order on same-sex unions - Newsday

Report: Paterson moving to recognize same-sex marriages - NY Daily News

Paterson’s gay marriage edict sparks debate - Buffalo News

Not Sure How We Missed This… - Daily Politics

Paterson's Message on Same-Sex Marriage - Politicker

New Governor Still Having Fun With the Job – Radar

Cook? Archuleta? Pssch! David Paterson is Our Idol! – Good As You

Paterson directs agencies to recognize gay marriages;
Good gov, bad gov;
Paterson’s gloves come off;
If you’re keeping score on gay marriage - Capitol Confidential

Governor Say N.Y. Law Recognizes Same-Sex Couples Married Out Of State - NY1

Legal Action Possible over Gay Marriage – ABC 7

Gov. Paterson interview - NPR

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