Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Morning Sweep

Christine Quinn spoke with Ernst & Young’s LGBT employee group last week to help kick off their Pride Month activities.

Potential bad news for marriage in California: a poll shows that more than half of voters would vote for a same-sex marriage ban amendment in Nov., which would overrule the court’s recent decision.

Former Republican Rep. Bob Barr, who led the push for the creation of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, has been chosen as the Libertarian party’s candidate for president.

A columnist at The Nation says that the Ca. gay marriage decision signals the end of the “culture war” era. Oh, so LGBT discrimination is a thing of the past? Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Gay couples in Maryland will now receive tax benefits and hospital visitation rights.

Following Thailand’s example, Russia has repealed its ban on gay blood donors.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an interesting profile of a transgender ally who is engaged to the trans man who inspired her advocacy work.

The "Sex and the City" actresses reflect on the show’s gay fans.

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