Monday, May 4, 2009

Morning Sweep

The Buffalo News editorializes that the time has come for marriage equality in New York: “Equality is a funny thing. It can be—and has been—obstructed for long periods, but once it gathers momentum, it is unstoppable. That has been the case with gender and race equality, though both remain works in progress, and it is now true of sexual orientation.”

Suffolk County legislator John Cooper legally married his partner in CT last week, saying that although he would have liked to legally marry in New York, the formal recognition was important to his 29-year-long relationship.

A national equality rally drew hundreds of LGBT advocates in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Much has been written on N.C. Rep. Virginia Foxx's comments about Matthew Shepard’s murder being a "hoax" during recent debate over the federal hate crimes act, and though Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker is right that Foxx’s comments were “not one of the GOP's brighter moments” she seriously misses the point when she asks "Does our revulsion at hate-motivated crimes justify creating special laws only for certain people?"’s online TV channel has a great video on same-sex parenting featuring former Pride Agenda Long Island Program Organizer Jeff Friedman, husband Andrew Zwerin and son Joshua.

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