Thursday, May 21, 2009

Morning Sweep

A Buffalo News columnist writes that he understands why some people get testy when it comes to comparing the struggle for gay rights to that of African Americans – but that despite the differences, the underlying message of the need to provide equality for a marginalized group remains the same.

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn lobbied for marriage equality in Albany on Tuesday.

New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage bill has hit a snag, as the House was two votes short of approving Gov. Lynch’s new religious exemptions yesterday. The bill now goes to committee to be considered further.

A gay veteran speaks out against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

The Wall Street Journal writes on the Massachusetts lawsuit challenging DOMA.

In light of D.C.’s decision to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples, the AP writes on the shifting opinions in the black community there.

The ACLU is threatening to sue a San Diego County school that refused to let a student present a report on Harvey Milk until her classmates got their parents' permission to hear it due to its “sex education” nature. The student’s mother is outraged, saying “Harvey Milk was an elected official in this state and an important person in history. To say my daughter's presentation is sex education because Harvey Milk happened to be gay is completely wrong.”

Pam Spaulding blogs on The Dallas Principles, a document drafted by her and 23 other LGBT equality advocates "to see how we could seize this special moment in history, to think outside of the box about how we can accelerate achieving full civil rights" for LGBT people.

Pam’s House Blend also has an interesting video created to discuss the controversy surrounding the Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis and its inclusion in the DSM.

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