Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning Sweep

Yesterday’s Times Square rally for marriage equality brought out a huge crowd of New Yorkers and featured elected officials, LGBT activists and stars such as the cast of Broadway’s “Hair,” Cheyenne Jackson, David Hyde Pierce, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis.

Joe.My.God has pictures.

The New York Times covers both the Times Square rally and the anti-marriage rally in front of the Gov’s office earlier in the day.

The Journal News editorializes poignantly that we know more about Miss California’s stance on marriage for same-sex couples than we do of New York’s State Senators – and it’s time for them to take a stand on the side of equality for their LGBT constituents.

The Democrat & Chronicle ran two excellent opinion pieces yesterday highlighting religious voices in support of marriage – one by Pride Agenda Board Director Rev. Jen Crow, and the other by Rev. Prince Singh, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester who also spoke at Equality & Justice Day this year.

The D&C also featured a story on marriage for same-sex couples that mentioned the Pride Agenda’s Spring Dinner this past Saturday in Rochester and quoted Dinner Co-Chairs Emily Jones and Matt Haag.

The AP has a great rundown of last week’s marriage debate in the New York Assembly.

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch says he will only sign the state’s marriage bill if extra protections for religious groups and their employees are added.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele says Republicans should fight against same-sex marriage with the argument that it will hurt small businesses that will be required to provide additional benefits as a result. Perhaps he should check out the studies that have already shown this to be false – on average, employers’ costs only increase 1% to 2% as a result of providing benefits for same-sex couples.

And what about the revenue that marriage for same-sex couples brings to states -- like the $111 million so far in Massachusetts, Mr. Steele?

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